The race for Lieutenant Governor gets ugly

PURVIS, MS (WDAM) - While on the campaign trail Friday, in Purvis, State Senator Billy Hewes commented on recent reports involving State treasurer Tate Reeves campaign funds.

Hewes said, "The states business is not for sale."

Hewes lashed out against Reeves, his opponent in the race for Lieutenant Governor by saying he has received tons of money towards his campaign from lawyers, consultants and bankers, who make millions in fees from government borrowing contracts. Reeves helps negotiate those deals.

Hewes said, "If elected, those cozy money relationships will be no more."

"If somebody is going to be controlling money interests in the state, they shouldn't be able to take it and tie it to where there are campaign contributions that are given in return. Years ago there were some problems with the Public Service Commissioners, there were some indictments and we prohibited them from doing that. We don't want that same situation to occur anywhere else in state government. There needs to be a very clean severance there."

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