Forrest General named "Fit Friendly" company

HATTIESBURG, MS - (WDAM) Promoting a healthy lifestyle is nothing new to Forrest General Hospital, but they've recently stepped their game up for their employees. Forrest General has been named the first "fit friendly" company in Hattiesburg by the American Heart Association. They received the award by implementing activities and programs to encourage physical activity, nutrition, and healthy food choices for their employees.

Eve Elias, American Heart Association Regional Director, said the hospital has done all the right things to earn this recognition. Elias said, "It's very powerful and very honorable for the hospital here. It shows what they have done for their employees in promoting wellness. They also have healthy eating choices in vending machines and the cafeteria, so it says a lot about the hospital and what they have done for their employees."

This award represents the gold level in the wellness criteria, and Elias said next year, Forrest General will be up for promotion to the platinum level if they continue their focus on employee wellness.

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