Murdered Ellisville man's neighbor describes that night

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The neighbor of an Ellisville man found murdered Thursday says that night was a strange one.

Henry Charles Adcock, 65, was the manager of City Pawn Shop in Waynesboro.  His body was discovered in his home in the 1200 block of Hwy 590 Thursday morning after he didn't show up for work.

Corine Howell, his neighbor, says 65 year old Henry Charlie Adcock was the sweetest neighbor anyone could ask for. He was man who would help anyone and loved animals.

"The big thing with him is that he always brought them a bucket of chicken to feed his dogs and he always had some for my dogs, so they knew when Mr. Henry was home they was going to get a treat," sad Howell.

She says he was normally a man with a routine, but things were different Wednesday night.

"My son got home about 7:30 from work and around 8:30 or 9 we were seating in the kitchen drinking our tea and watching tv and the dog that stays outside started barking and my son came to the door cause the other dogs that were inside started getting loud and running to window. So he looked outside and he did see anything at first but then he notice that buddy the dog that was outside took off running up our driveway and he headed towards Mr. Henry's house."

Howell says her dog was gone for about 30 minutes to an hour, but when he returned he was acting weird.

"He ran on the porch and got under the chair and he did was acting really scared like dogs do when they have been encountered by somebody that hit them or shoot them off or throw something scared."

Howell said when she woke the next morning blue lights were everywhere.

She said items from the yard appeared to missing the morning of the murder.

"It was an old antique like corvette car that he always had it park closest to the road by that big tree and he never moved it, once in a while he'll get out and start it up but it was always there and he didn't drive it and for it not to be there was a shock because it was always there."

She said the way his SUV was parked was unusual.

"His jeep was backed in, and as long as we have lived here and know him, he always pulled into the driveway and parked straight forward, you know right at the fence and he never ever ever backed his jeep in the way it was."

Investigators say an autopsy revealed Adcock died from a gun shot wound Wednesday night.

Jewelry was taken during the burglary of the pawn shop, no weapons were stolen.

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