Lumberton officials suspend two police officers

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - In a specially called meeting, Lumberton's Board of Aldermen voted four-to-one to suspend two police officers without pay for three days.

City officials say Officer Cassandra Fortenberry was suspended because of an argument with the City Clerk, and Captain Chris Franklin was suspended after refusing to turn over his keys to Interim Chief Dennis Hopson.

Last week, the board approved Hopson to replace Chief Adrian Forterberry when he traveled out of town to attend the Police Chief's Convention on the coast.

In the past, Fortenberry said he has left the department in Captain Franklin's hands, and was unaware the Board of Aldermen had appointed Hobson to be Interim Chief.

Franklin and Fortenberry have hired attorneys to appeal the suspensions.

Meanwhile, Lumberton Mayor Miriam Holder is out on leave until August.

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