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WDAM Viewpoint- Home Invasions

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JUNE 17, 2011

Few crimes are more egregious than a homen invasion.  We are supposed to feel safe in our own homes.  For low life creeps to forcibly enter a home with the occupants inside minding their own business with the intent of doing them harm and taking their hard earned possessions goes against all the basic tenants of civilized society.  It seems to be happening with ever-increasing frequency.  Twice recently in Lamar County.  In one instance the couple were found bludgeoned to death and their home plundered.  in this most recent one this week, the home owner--in spite of suffering a gunshot wound himself also got off a shot of his own and plugged on of the 3 alleged robbers in the leg.  They were arrested after they showed up at the hospital to have it treated.  Too bad he wasn't able to get all three.  A couple of years ago Mississippi enacted the Castle Doctrine.  So named for the fact that a person's home is their castle, the law plainly gives property owners the right to use whatever means necessary--up to and including lethal force--to protect themselves and their property from felonious action.  It even extends to a person's vehicle and work place.  Be warned criminals...this is gun country.  A lot of us have loaded guns conveniently located in our houses and/or cars for protection against predators who would try to invade our homes or carjack our vehicles.   You scumbags that want to prey on innocent people need to keep in mind that the chances are good that you may just run into someone who has been dying to say, "Come on make my day".  Or someone with a 12 gauge filled with buckshot who greets you with "Say hello to my little friend."  "Do you feel lucky, punk?"  Lots of folks very proficient with deadly weapons in those innocent looking houses.  You may just leave with a dose of lead instead of what you came after.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.   Drop us a line.