First Priority "Bags of Hope" are aimed at making teens smile

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Teenagers effected by the devastating tornadoes in North Mississippi and Tuscaloosa, Alabama are the number one concern for First Priority in Hattiesburg.

The organization, along with members in the community have been filling "bags of hope" for teenage boys and girls. What that is, is black and pink back packs filled with specific things they need beyond the usual necessities.

Executive Director of First Priority in Hattiesburg, J.D. Simpson said, "It's life changing for a teenager to lose everything. I don't know if you have been  to Alabama or North Mississippi, but they lost everything. They have gotten food, water and clothing needs but to have something that is just for them makes them feel cared for. They can start off fresh, and know that somebody took time to meet their need is a really big deal."

The goal is to fill up 750 bags, which will be transported to tornado ravaged areas. So far, they have halfway met that goal.

If you would like to help, drop by the First Priority Office, Life Way Christian Store or ask your local church for a backpack to fill.

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