A Lamar County man is arrested in connection with 2008 murder

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) -  A third person has been charged in connection with a murder back in June of 2008 in Lamar County.

Joseph Ronald Hartfield was arrested Wednesday by Lamar County Investigators and charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder. Also charged are Natasha Graham and Ethan Dakota Dixon.

Hartfield's wife Tabitha was found buried in a shallow grave in the woods back in June of 2008.

She was buried about a mile off of the Purvis to Columbia Road, near the Marion County line.

Graham and Dixon were charged with murder shortly after the body was discovered. They were scheduled for trial last month.

Lamar County District Attorney Hal Kitrell said, "Recently, new evidence developed that implicated Ronald Hartfield and knowing the trial was coming up and knowing we would need to try all three at the same time, that required us to go back to the grand jury, which we had in session. We indicted all three."

All three are now charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder. They all remain in the Lamar County Jail without bond. Hartfield will be arraigned on June 22.