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WDAM Viewpoint: Is D-Day Dimming?

This past Monday, June 6th was the 67th anniversary of D-Day.  For those woefully ignorant of history this was the culmination of "Operation Overlord" when the allies stormed the beaches of Normandy on their way to defeating the Nazi conquest of the continent of Europe.  It was one of the most glorious epochs in military history.  It was also one of the goriest.  Thousands of young men lost life and limb as they fought their way out of Higgins boats, into the choppy waters of the English Channel, carrying enormous amounts of supplies and weaponry onto the beaches and up the high cliffs being defended by heavy artillery, countless machine guns raining lead in sheets, and battle-hardened German troops who had the high ground.  They prevailed and marched all the way to Berlin under Hellish conditions to win World War II.  Then they quietly came home to rebuild a nation reeling in the aftermath of the Great Depression and the privations of a horrendous World War.  A few years ago they were being celebrated with books such as Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation", the book and mini-series, "Band of Brothers" from Steven Ambrose, and Spielberg's epic movie "Saving Private Ryan."  This week D-Day and the warriors of World War II were scarcely mentioned.  A school teacher recently told me that American History is being dropped from many schools in favor of more usable skills.  Will the hero's of the "Greatest Generation" and the sacrifices of D-Day dim as the generations go by?  The remnants now in their 80's and beyond are exiting the stage of life.  Hopefully not to be forgotten.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's viewpoint.  Let us know what you think.


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