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Eve's House helps women change their lives

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -  Eve's House, a faith-based women's transitional living facility, has been standing up for women making the change from abusive situations, homelessness, and prison for four years.

Deborah Stover, founder and director of Eve's House says the name of the shelter gives insight to its services.

"We kind of blame Eve for all the sins of the world and a lot of time we say, 'Oh, if eve only if she just would not have eaten of that apple.' So, we take the premise that if someone would have stood up for Eve, then maybe things would have turned out differently. So, that is what Eve's House is it stand up for women in need of help in a very difficult time in their life," said Stover.

The facility provides services to seven women at a time. Stover says some women come here, after they come out of incarceration, or clinics where they gain the tools to get back on track.

"We offer parenting classes. We offer self-esteem classes. We offer yoga. We offer arts as a form of expression," said Stover.

Maintaining a job is a requirement for the women.

"A big part of our program here is that they are required to seek gainful employment. That is a part of them being reconnected back to their community. We also work with women who do not have a high school diploma, they attend GED classes. We also encourage women who have a high school diploma to look at going back to school to gain some additional educational tools under their belt,"said Stover.

Stover started this program ,after she moved to Hattiesburg to live a better life beyond addiction. Stover says she began meeting many women who just need a second chance. A feeling she can relate to.

"I have over 20 years of recovery. I was too one of those women that people looked down upon and said there is no hope, no help for her," said Stover.

Stover believes the women leave better than they came, through her experiences and the donations of resources to care for them, and they are welcome to come back if they need it.

"The women that have been helped by this program know that because we are here they know that when I want help I have some place to go," said Stover.

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