89 year old Beaumont pastor hosts anniversary celebration

BEAUMONT, MS (WDAM)-A Beaumont Church welcomed hundreds of Perry county citizens to an anniversary celebration for their family life center.

The facility, named after 89 year old Reverend W.L. Carter, was built in 2001 to help curb violence in Perry County and provide programs for youth in the community.

"The Lord gave me this vision to build these facilities for our young people, " says Carter.  "A place where they can come and be taught how to put on a necktie, how to dress up, how to pull their pants up. If people would listen to old folks, listen to wisdom, the sheriff wouldn't have much to do and the deputy won't have a job because they would be living for Christ.

Carter, who has been pastor at Greater Mount Pleasant Baptist Church for 58 years, invited candidates looking for support in Perry County to meet his congregation.  Those running for the office of sheriff, constable, supervisor and judge addressed the audience.

Saturday's event was preceded by a parade held downtown Beaumont.