A Jones County family wants their mother's killer out of county

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM)-  "I'm scared of going public right now. I will not go to Walmart right now. I am afraid to let my children play in my yard. I feel like a prisoner in my own home at the moment," said Lindsey Freeman, daughter of victim who was shot and killed by James Michael Reeves.

Freeman says  she is living a nightmare, because James Michael Reeves, the man who shot and killed her mother and her mother's boyfriend in 2001 , is out of prison after only serving eight of two twenty year sentences concurrent. Freeman says she is terrified, because her mother's killer now lives only ten minutes away from her and her family.

"This man abused my mother for years, made our life crazy. We were scared of him then, we are scared of him now. He kept it up until he killed my mother. When she finally got the nerve to leave and divorce him he killed her. I wouldn't put anything past this man," said Freeman.

Jones County Assistant District Attorney, J Ronald Parrish says the Mississippi Department of Corrections says Reeves earned his early release.

"I want them to tell me how in the hell does some guy earn his way out of prison for killing to people in eighty years. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of," said Parrish.

Parrish says he is working with the legislature to see that the manslaughter penalty is increased.

"All they got to do is put one lit ole sentence in there. Anybody who commits a crime of violence against another human being, or takes another human begins life not with standing any other law will be required to serve 90 percent of whatever their sentence is. That's over with! that's the end of the story! That is all they got to do! I am tired of people in Jackson sitting up there, and they can't find their rear end with a search warrant!," said Parrish.

But there is one Senator, Chris McDaniel who says he feels for Freeman's situation and wants to help.

"It is certainly a tragedy there is no easy way to describe it. I couldn't image going through it. Now , that she has gone through it though we have to remember the state has a responsibility to continue to protect her, but also the other citizens of Mississippi. We can reevaluate our manslaughter laws, and reevaluate our minimum sentencing laws to make that happen then its something the legislature can certainly look into," said McDaniel.

Whether sentencing is changed, Freeman says she is still looking over her shoulder, and only one thing will make her feel safe.

"He can go back to prison for all I care. I will feel a lot more safe with him back in prison.

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