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Jeremy Finley

Jeremy Finley is the chief investigative reporter for the Channel 4 I-Team and anchors Channel 4 News at 4:00 with Jennifer Johnson. He specializes in investigations into corruption, criminal activity and waste of taxpayer money.

If it was any indication of his future path, when Jeremy was a kid, he refused to take his parents' word that Santa Claus was real and wanted proof. Therefore, on Christmas morning, he left a note for Santa, demanding Santa's signature if he indeed did exist. 

Santa complied. Not satisfied, the next year Jeremy went in search of Santa's stash, found it in his parent's closet, was busted, and all his gifts went to his brother Jason. But Jeremy at last had his proof. 

Since then, Jeremy has been aggravating politicians, corporate bosses and scam artists with his affinity for finding the truth.

The Nashville Scene wrote that Jeremy is "no stranger to blockbuster expose's." His reporting has prompted multiple criminal charges, a district attorney investigation, new state laws, the resignation of one of the highest paid elected officials in Nashville, disciplinary actions for 70 inmates in Tennessee prisons, and a one million dollar payout to the victims of a nationwide company scamming the sick and uninsured.

Jeremy was the first to expose the "unintended acceleration" in Toyota vehicles, which ultimately led to one of the largest recall of automobiles in the nation's history. But it's his investigations into elected officials which prompted the Nashville Post to name him in its 2012 "In Charge" issue, calling him a watchdog for exposing corrupt politicians. After Jeremy exposed an elected official lounging in his bathrobe while claiming to be a meeting, the Nashville Scene called the story, "a devastatingly effective expose ... a piece that has already become part of Nashville's political folklore."

Jeremy has received one of the highest honors in investigative journalism: the IRE certificate for breaking news investigations for his stories exposing mistakes made by government agencies during the flood that swamped downtown Nashville. He's also been named as a finalist for the IRE three times and received a national Emmy nomination for investigative reporting.

He's received seven Midsouth Emmys, the Edward R. Murrow award, and multiple first place honors from the Associated Press, including the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 best investigative reporting award. In 2013, the Associated Press named him in the best TV large market reporter in Tennessee.

Jeremy is reminded daily what's important in life, thanks to the women who run his life, especially his wife and two daughters. When they allow him to do so, he's an terrible long-distance runner and obsessive reader.

While he's most proud of his investigations, he admits his favorite assignment was covering the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece for WSMV and all stations owned by the Meredith corporation.

And remember Jason, that brother who got Jeremy's presents that Christmas? He's now Jeremy's photographer partner on the Channel 4 I-Team. Recently, when they were getting undercover video from a van, Jason found the perfect place to park, and Jeremy stretched, accidentally laying on the horn and alerting everyone to their presence. They somehow still got the video they needed to expose inmates free to wander around a town running errands. 

Jeremy is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and has a Master's degree in public affairs reporting from the University of Illinois at Springfield.