Hattiesburg couple found beaten to death

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Sheriff Danny Rigel says after 9 p.m. Tuesday the sheriff's department received a call a couple was found beaten to death in a home on the corner of Lamar and Fox Avenues in Lamar County.

"We received a call last night a little bit after nine from a family member of the deceased. They went to the residence to check on them. They had not heard from them in a little while. So, they went to check on them. They saw the back door broken in. They saw bodies laying on the floor inside the residence," said Rigel.

Robert Morrison and his wife Pat Morrison, both 82, were members of Hardy Street Baptist Church. Robert worked for Mississippi Power for 33 years, and spent 30 years in the Navy before that. Pat worked at Fine Brothers Madison years ago before retiring. Relatives say they last heard from the couple Sunday after church and had exchanged emails Monday night.

"Initially it appears that the cause of death was blunt force trauma. The bodies are already in Jackson for an autopsy. We'll know a lot more after the autopsy. The cause of death, and narrow it down a little bit more as for as the time frame of the time of deaths," said Rigel.

Rigel says family members say items are missing from the couples home.

"We conferred with other family members. We determined that certain items are missing from the residence, but as far as the crime scene, details of the crime scene, or what items were missing that is part of the investigation right now," said Rigel.

Sheriff Rigel says officials are talking to everyone in the neighborhood and family members. Rigel says they are following all leads.

"It's a normally quiet street. A lot of elderly people live on the street. This is one of the last places you would think something like this would happen," said Rigel.

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