Forrest County board approves raises

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -  The Forrest County School Board has approved a 3 percent raise for most school principals, and some people are not happy with the decision.

Local teachers expressed outrage over the raises and raised questions about the reasoning. The teachers said, with their supplement cut and next year's budget being tight, they didn't see how a raise for principals and two administrators would be appropriate.

However, Superintendent of the Forrest County School District Debbie Burt says because of the great responsibility principals and administrators hold the district had to make a commitment to pay principals and administrators more to keep them and to be able to hire from outside. Burt says teachers are not being left out.

"We also decreased their contracts, " she said. "So, they were not actually losing additional money for those days. They were actually not having to work those days. Teachers get step increases each year, and our teachers have already received their new contracts.

"Their step increases are in those contracts," said Burt.

According to Burt, before the approved 3 percent raise, some principals were getting paid less than teachers. Burt says if anyone wants more information about this issue or has questions to feel free to contact her office at (601) 545-6055.

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