WDAM Viewpoint- Stereotypical Misconceptions

May 23, 2011

I guess we all are somewhat guilty of stereotypical misconceptions.  You know, the assumption that all New Yorkers are rude and uncaring and all Southerners are hospitable.  In New York last week for an NBC meeting I had an experience that, I think, holds a lesson for us all.

Coming out of a building, I noticed some blood on the front of my shirt.  The cause was a very small cut I hadn't even felt on one of my fingers…but that was bleeding pretty freely.  I looked up and saw a large, well dressed black man who had stopped immediately.  He took my bleeding hand in his and said," Let me help".  Frankly, probably not something I would have done.  He reached in his wallet and pulled out a band-aid, took it out of its package and, after determining where the blood was originating, carefully bandaged my finger.

I stood there stunned.  When he finished he smiled and said, "You know, we all pass this way but once.  There is so much hate and violence in the world.  We should never pass up an opportunity to do a kindness for one another and love one another just as God loves us."  Then he said, "Pass it on, my friend" and was gone.

I was so struck by this random act of kindness in the middle of New York City that I feel compelled to do as the man said.  I'm passing the story on…and hope I will be sensitive enough to pass the kindness on the next time I have an opportunity.

I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint.