African-American Museum gets State historic marker

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg's African-American Military History Museum has officially been recognized by the State of Mississippi as a historic landmark. Saturday morning, as part of the Armed Forces Day holiday, a marker from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History was unveiled.

It provides a brief history of the building, from its beginning in 1942 as a USO for African-American soldiers training at Camp Shelby, to its present day purpose as a museum.

Museum committee members say the marker is an important step toward getting national recognition.

"It gives that added credibility, that we are a museum in good standing, that all of the things that have taken place, all of the renovation, it's been in keeping with the historic nature of the building," said Sheila Varnado, president of the African-American Military History Museum Committee. "It does take us on the road then to getting it to become a national museum," Varnado said.

Also today, flags from the different branches of our military were raised in a ceremony in the museum's memorial garden.

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