Faces of Hope: Charlie Marengo

ELLISVILLE, MS. (WDAM) - Charlie Marengo of Petal is a brain cancer survivor of nearly three years. Marengo's story starts back in 1997 with a benign tumor diagnosis.

In 2008 that good news changed, Marengo had a particular day where he felt horrible.

According to Marengo, "I went to work that morning and got as far as my desk and sat down at my desk and I said to myself my God I'm dying and I got up, walked to the receptionist and said "I'm going to the hospital."

Marengo checked into the hospital and met with his doctor. He later had an operation to remove the tumor. Following his surgery, the doctor walked into his room with grim news. "He said and I quote, have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?," said Marengo.

Marengo said the doctor told him to go see the world because he only had seven months to live. "I sat there and I paused for a little bit, and I said well you better come up with a plan B. Cause this isn't in my plans and I'm not about to sit here and roll over in a corner and die," said Marengo.

Several doctors were then called in to look further at Marengo's form of aggressive stage four brain cancer. With a positive attitude, Marengo then endured chemotherapy and later took a specialized pill designed to treat his illness.

Marengo explained, "I still take it, I very rarely ever have any major side effects other than tiredness and a little bit of weakness every now and then."

It has been twenty four months since Marengo has been taking that medication and his latest test's show no indication of cancer. "I could just about scream to the rooftops. It makes you feel like every single day is not only a gift but something that you can achieve and something that you can bring to the table to make a difference in somebody's life."

Marengo said following his diagnosis, he is much more aware of other peoples suffering. He now participates in Petal's Relay for Life to help raise money for vital cancer research.

And WDAM-TV is extending "Faces of Hope" to one more week. Next Thursday, May 26th at six, we'll hear the uplifting breast cancer survival story of Meri Newell. She is a Jones County Junior College music instructor.

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