Lakeside Trailer Park resident talks about "eyesore"

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) -  When Seven on your Side pulled up to Lakeside Trailer Park in Jones County, we expected to film a few of the abandoned trailers, but we were not prepared for this one.

"Infested with roaches. Most roaches would run from a human being, but these guys are climbing over my feet. Fleas covering my shoes. There are holes knocked in the walls. Roach feces on the walls so thick," said Lakeside Trailer Park resident, Erica Odom.

These are just some of the conditions of this trailer here at Lakeside Trailer Park, and Odom who lives next door is doing all she can to clean it up.

"It's hard work and I stay dirty all the time, but it's worth it to have it where it is something we want to be around. I love my house and I don't plan to leave here anytime soon. I just want everything else cleaned up," said Odom.

Odom is helping the owner, who lives in Meridian, clean up the neglected conditions. Odom says the real work didn't begin until the occupants of this home moved out.

"There were eight living in the trailer. Four adults and four children. Until last weekend," said Odom.

The writings on the wall can give anyone an idea of how this environment became so terrible. The writing says,"I will not take a bath." Odom says she had no idea how bad things were on the inside of the trailer.

"One of the bathrooms were completely unusable, but they were still using it. The lavatory is off the wall. Holes in the wall, holes in the ceiling. It's going to have to be gutted to the studs to make it livable again," said Odom.

Odom says the trailer is not only an "eyesore", but it is causing health concerns for her home and family next door.

"The roaches. We don't have roaches. Now, we will probably end up having to fight roaches, because of them next door. We have fleas. We are having to bath the dog every night," said Odom.

Another problem for Odom is much more foul and draining behind her home.

"The pipes were not connected, and one of the toilets was not connected. So, it was just basically going out on to the ground," Odom.

Odom says at this point she is asking anyone to help not only to clean the debris, but the trailer parks reputation.

"We want this to be a family park. It's been known for years as the worst park in Jones County. We don't want that anymore. We want people here. We just want the right kinds of people," said Odom.

Odom says until she receives some kind of assistance she will do all that one woman can to keep this park she calls home clean.

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