Jasper County tongue mutilator back in prison

JASPER COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Jasper County man, who was a prime suspect in a 2007 Mobile, Ala., murder case is now in jail on tax evasion charges.

Michael Crocker and his wife, Donna, were indicted by a Mobile County grand jury on charges of not reporting millions of dollars on their income tax returns. Officials said it all stemmed from the 2007 murder of Stephen Perrett, Crocker's former next door neighbor in Mobile.

Officials said a week after Perret's body was found Crocker cut off part of his tongue in an attempt to trick investigators. At the time, officials said the self mutilation was part of an ongoing effort on his part to divert attention from himself, who was a suspect in several crimes, including Perret's murder.

The 2007 murder was never solved. The Crocker's, who still have a home near Louin and have relatives nearby, are being held on $150,000 cash bonds.

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