Jones County authorities are cracking down on child predators

Jones County, MS (WDAM) - A multi-million dollar industry has led to nearly four hundred thousand arrest in the Untied States.

Sex predators are producing videos all over this country and Jones County authorities said they are fed up with how this business is corrupting their community.

Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge said, "If I was to tell you that two year old babies are being raped while their diapers are being changed. If I was to tell you that 11 month old babies are were being sexually molested by adults, I am sure people tune in listen. And that is in fact what we are dealing with."

Hodge said the images are nasty and the details mind blowing.

Laurel Police Investigator, Kevin Flynn, said its crime that starts off one way and leads to more destructive behavior.

Flynn said, "It has been determine that in one out of five child pornographers you find, you will find at least one molester."

Flynn said most people arrested say they have a disease but Jones County Assistant District Attorney J Ronald Parrish said he is not buying that.

Parrish said, " Well I don't think they can be rehabilitated and I am sick of this a disease crap, you know it has been going all over the United States, every time somebody does something they have a disease, well hell."

"That is just cop out. The disease they got, is spelled evil.   I want to put them up there in a place called prison, where if they want a disease, they can really catch one."

Parrish has placed dozens of child predators behind bars. The details from the affidavits in which he uses to build his cases are too graphic to share, but he said the future of these victims is forever destroyed.

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