Charges for impersonation dropped against firefighter

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - Charges against Lumberton firefighter William "Roy" King for impersonating a police officer were dropped Monday morning by Lumberton Police.

King was charged in the crime in April after he was accused of stopping a local resident, searching him, and running a check on his drivers license. When confronted by local police he told them he didn't do it and was with family members at the time. The resident later identified King and he was arrested.

With the help of a Lumberton Police Officer who King says investigated the crime without authorization he was able to prove that he was not the right person. King also had 12 witness statements that verified he was with them at the time of the incident and he obtained a dispatchers log which he says identifies a Lamar County Sheriff's Deputy as the officer who searched the man.

King says the police officer who assisted in proving his innocence was suspended for a week Friday by Lumberton Police Chief Adrian Fortenberry.

"By Friday night the police chief came in and suspended the officer that actually did his job and did the investigating because he said he was leaking confidential information," said King. "But he never leaked confidential information . All he did was do his job, the job they should have done before they arrested anyone."

City officials refused to comment on the matter. King says he intends on taking legal action against the city for violating his civil rights.

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