World War II grave marker found on the Bok Homa Reservation

SANDERSVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The grave marker of a World War II veteran was found in a woody area on the Choctaw Reservation Wednesday evening.

Jessica Arauz, resident of the reservation, said her family was cutting grass when they noticed the headstone of World War II Veteran, James L. Dyess.

According to the headstone Dyess served in the US Navy. He was born January 5, 1917 and died December 19, 1997.

Arauz said she doesn't believe Dyess was buried where his headstone was found.

" I think somebody might have stolen the headstone and brought it up here. I hope there ain't nobody laying there."

Arauz said, she doesn't think Dyess was a Native American.

On Friday, Jones County Veterans Service Officer, Sevra Ekes said the World War II Veteran James Dyess was buried in Sandhill Cemetery in Ellisville.

Ekes said the headstone found in the woods had the wrong date of death and was suppose to be destroyed by a former worker at the veteran center, who lived on the reservation.

She said it's obvious the headstone was tossed into the woods rather than broken up and disposed of.

Ekes said she is very sadden that this has happened and apologize to the Dyess family.

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