Victim's sister feels justice has been served

Columbia, ms (wdam) - Kay McDaniel holds on to memories of her murdered sister and nephew by keeping photos and memories alive after they were shot to death in 1998. The killer, Benny Joe Stevens was convicted and put to death Tuesday, tying some loose ends for McDaniel and her family. She said, "I feel like my sister Glenda is sitting on my shoulder and I can look over at her and say, 'Glenda he's been punished for what he'd done to you.'"

Although the last 13 years have been a struggle to pick up the pieces, Kay McDaniel says her family can finally feel some closure since losing a sister, a nephew, a brother-in-law, and a family friend when an argument over child support ended in tragedy.

She recounted, "I go back out to the house, the trailer and that's when I found out they were all dead. And I called my momma and said, 'momma, none of them are alive, except Erica.'"

The only victim who survived with a gunshot wound to the back, was Glenda Reid's daughter, Erica, who escaped out a bathroom window, and was allegedly shot through a wall by accident, according to Stevens' brother, Ricky. Cannily disagrees, explaining, "I want to clarify what Ricky said...he said Benny Joe did not mean to shoot Erica, he shot her through a wall. I just talked to Erica to make sure my information was correct. He did not shoot her through a wall. She grabbed the two boys and was running and he shot her in the back."

Stevens was given four death sentences when he was convicted 11 years ago, and McDaniel said it's been a long time coming, saying, "I believe the supreme court is through with him, from what I read in the paper, they don't want to hear anymore from him."

Even though there is some relief in knowing Stevens will be executed, McDaniel wanted to make it clear that she feels sorry for Stevens' mother and father, and that everyone left behind is a victim of that fateful day. She said,"It's been rough on all of us. It's changed all of our lives. I don't know that we'll ever get over it. Ok, I don't know that you ever get over it. You learn to deal with it."

Kay said, "I just miss her. I just miss her. She was my baby sister."

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