Job market looks better for college graduates

HATTIESBURG, MS - (WDAM) For most seniors graduating college, the thought of the job market makes their stomach turn. Thoughts of: "where will I have to move," or "how much money will I make," or even, "will I ever get a job" constantly cross the bright minds of the future. But there is hope, for some. Rusty Anderson, Director of Career Services at the University of Southern Mississippi, said, "The outlook is much better this year, and the forecast into next year is even better than this year."

Although the job market forecast is on the upswing, that doesn't mean everyone is getting one, or that they're even prepared. Some say the job hunt is a full time job in itself, and  Anderson agrees, explaining that there is a long list of things to prepare for before even walking across the stage.

He said, "We suggest that they start in their junior year, targeting what they want to do, start getting their credentials ready, and then early in their senior year to go to the career fair, to start networking themselves out, letting people know that they're available, and actually start nailing down interviews."

It helps to major in certain fields, too. When asked which industries have the best chance for grads to get jobs in, he said, "If they were to come in and get a degree and walk out with a job, pretty much guaranteed accounting, engineering, technology...I'm reading the computer industries have made a comeback."

Think again if you think applying online is the way to go. No matter how attractive your resume is, most employers like to see a face and a personality to match. The main thing to remember is to get a head start. Even high school students are making money by building their own business. 17-year-old Brandon Pace runs his own production company, BPace Productions, and says he loves what he does, so it was a natural fit to try and make money doing it. Brandon said, "There's nothing greater than doing what you love, but on top of that, making money doing what you love."

Nicolet Hopper, a senior at Petal High School, owns a sunless tanning business, called Simply Sunless Custom Tanning, and agrees, it's all about figuring out what you're good at and making it work. She said, "The biggest thing that I've learned is that you can make money doing the things you love. Find something you're good at and make money off of it, there's a way to do it."

Whether you want to own your own business, or start tackling the interview scene after getting a diploma, preparation goes a long way, no matter which way the job market goes.

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