Marion County prepares to build an industrial park

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM)- The Marion County Economic Development District recently got word of some good news for the county.

The district, has acquired part of the property where the old Columbia Training School used to be and it will be the site for an industrial park. Up until now, Marion County has not had a marketable, competitive Industrial Park, but county leaders have always hoped to one day make it happen.

Marion County Development Partnership President, Jerry Frazier said,  "It's very exciting, it's a great day in economic development. One of the things that you do, is try to create jobs and promote the area, and so far, we have not had a competitive sight to do that."Frazier added that the news opens up great opportunity.

Governor Barbour gave the Economic Development District 370 acres of land for the industrial park.  District Officials will now meet with an engineer, to come up with an infrastructure plan.

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