Marion County Drug raid ends with 16 arrests

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Six females and 11 males were brought to Justice Court in Marion County on Friday before judges Gwen Brown and Sharon Whitfield.

Police arrested 16 people in a drug raid in Marion County and the city of Columbia on Thursday. One person in custody turned themselves in.

The Pearl River Basin Narcotics Task Force, Marion County Sheriff's Department and  the Columbia Police Department took part in the drug sweep.

Charges ranged from possession, distribution and manufacture of crack cocaine, marijuana and prescription medications.

All arrested appeared before Marion County Justice Court judges to have bonds set.

Shannon Cornwall, Fraud in Acquisition-$20,000 Bond

Sonya King, Fraud in Acquisition-$20,000 Bond

Elizabeth Kilgore, Fraud in Acquisition-$20,000 Bond

Jesse Watts, Possession of Controlled Substance-$5,000 Bond

Denford Edwards, 2 Counts Sale of Controlled Substance within 1500 ft of Church-$200,000 Bond

Chesterfield Conerly, III, Sale of Controlled Substance within 1500 ft of a church, Sale of Controlled substance, Conspiracy to Sale Controlled Substance-$200,000 Bond

Gary Shotwell, Sale of Controlled Substance within 1500 ft of a public park-$100,000 Bond

Cathy Powell, Sale of Controlled substance within 1500 ft of Church-$100,000 Bond

Michael W. Johnson, Sale of Controlled Substance within 1500 ft of a church-$100,000 Bond

Sherry A. Lucas, 2 Counts Sale of Controlled Substance-$100,000 Bond

Corey Tucker, Possession of Firearm by a convicted felon-$3,500 Bond

Corey Walker, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance-$50,000 Bond

Jabus Bullock, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance-$50,000 Bond

Corina Jones,2 Counts Sale of Controlled Substance-$60,000 Bond

Michael Wayne Smith, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance-$30,000 Bond

More arrests are expected, police said.

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