Hattiesburg woman explains "eyesore."

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -  When seven on your side asked our viewers on Facebook what do they consider to be an eyesore, some pointed us to a home on Westover drive and West 4th street in Hattiesburg.

The reason given by one viewer was "the never ending yard sale."

When you see the signs and the items in the yard out each week, anyone would think there is a daily yard sale.

The occupant of the home, Mary Lapan says this home was lent to her. She initially refused to comment , but did say she has a business license, and has sold estate items for 30 years. She added that her proceeds will go to a disaster relief, and many items will be sold during an auction at the home later this month.

When we tried to get video of the home and the sale items it was clear that we were not welcomed. But Lapan eventually gave us her opinion on those who view the house and yard as an eyesore.

"I am going to tell you something. You can go ahead and record now, because you done pissed me off!. If somebody called you and said that this is an eyesore here, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. There's lots of opinions in this world. We have an opinion that Obama is not a good president. We got an opinion that sometimes he is a good president. Everybody has an opinion, and you came here today because someone said my yard was an eyesore. Well, sometimes it is an eyesore. Sometimes it ain't. Yesterday it rained on us and we didn't get it put up so that is why you are taking pictures of something that is not completely put up today. We couldn't put it up in the rain. So, that is all I have to say," said Lapan.

Brian Neuman, is the Development Official for Lamar County, and serves as the Code Enforcement Officer for the county. He says the county has tried to contact the owner of the home, but hasn't been able to reach anyone. Neuman says there are only so many yard sales a person can have in a year.

"Under the ordinance it's six day. Whether it is continuous days or just six days, but its throughout 12 months. So, it's a whole calendar year you only get six basically day to do the work or to actually have the sale," said Neuman.

Neuman says the county does not know how many days of selling has gone on at the home, but if it is not a garage sale and its gone on for more than six days than zoning would have to be changed.

"So, if they are conducting a business as just a general sales business, and they are operating under the scope of a garage sale then they would end up falling under the violations of commercial base business. At that time they would be either asked to cease and stop the sales or petition for rezoning to a commercial zoning," said Neuman.

Lamar County officials say they will continue to look into the situation, but in the mean time it is business as usual at this house. Lapan says she will have an auction on May 21st featuring "rare art", sculptures, pottery and paintings.

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