Hattiesburg Salvation Army and Red Cross mobilize

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)- For the Red Cross organization, the past 48 hours have been all about assessing just how much destruction there is across the northern portion of the state.

"There are areas, for example, in Monroe County and Smithville that are just devastated," said Janice Vennetta of the Red Cross. "We have a very serious situation up there and we are responding and working side by side with our partners all over the state but particularly in those most devastated areas."

Red Cross has fourteen emergency response vehicles already on the ground providing food shelter and other services.

In addition to that, the Salvation Army is providing emergency disaster services. Major Alice White says, the Hattiesburg team is waiting for the green light to mobilize even more units like this one.

"They have deployed 22 canteens out and they have others on stand by in the areas and Hattiesburg is on stand by right now, we are waiting for the news that we are supposed to go in."

The violent weather patterns across the US over the last month has kept both non-profit organizations extremely busy.

"We have to get in and go in on the ground level and buy food and things that we need. We need monetary donations right now"

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