Enterprise residents recount tornado storm damage

Clarke County, MS (WDAM) - Wednesday night a powerful storm blazed through the Enterprise Community in Clarke County, among several other's across the state.

Red Cross Representative Paige Roberts, confirms at least 40 homes were destroyed in a matter of minutes."It just blew up, homes blew up, rolled over, smashed, you name it, it's destroyed, and many of them severely damaged."

Roberts said, "I just visited with a family who rolled over and over in their home as the tornado took it and they all walked out with just scratches."

Clarke County resident Paul Speed, his wife and three grandchildren hid in the hallway as half of their home blew away.

"I walked out the back door and looked to the Southwest and I could see it coming. It sounded like a big 747 taking off. I could see  a lot of debris, it looked like big tree tops way in the air going around, and it was moving more towards the Northeast.  I though it was passing me by, but all of a sudden, it abruptly turned and just came East and we were right in the middle of it."

Speed said the tornado was huge, and it looked at least a quarter mile long."It probably wasn't more than a minute or minute and a half, it wasn't that long."

The place they have called home for the last 30years was torn in half, but they are thankful they all came out alive.

The Red Cross is training folk's who live in the Southern portion of the state to help with  disaster assessments, shelter operations and case work.

Roberts said, "We desperately need people to not only give the gift of money but the gift of time. One of the concerns that we have is human resources. We have disasters going on in 25 states across the country, we have Red Cross volunteers  in 40 counties in this state, so half of the country and half of the state is involved in disaster response, and we really need people to join us at the red cross."

To make monetary donations or to donate your time, call your local Red Cross organization.