Judge says Remington's Hunt Club may reopen

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A federal bankruptcy judge has signed an order allowing Remington's Hunt Club in Hattiesburg to reopen but under improved security measures.

Chancery Judge Johnny Williams issued a temporary restraining order shutting down the club in March. Law enforcement sought the order, calling the club a public nuisance because of shootings that left four people wounded, including three University of Southern Mississippi students and football players in November of 2010.

A week later, the club's owners filed for bankruptcy in the face of two multi-million-dollar lawsuits filed by two of the USM players.

Wednesday, a judge in Aberdeen said the club could re-open, but security conditions must increased. At least a dozen requirements were set forth, including increasing the number of security officers and prohibiting loitering in the parking lot.

An attorney for the club says Remington's could re-open as soon as this weekend.

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