Faces of Hope: Heather Norwood

MOSELLE, MS. (WDAM)- Heather Norwood of Laurel is a busy working mom with a loving husband and two little girls ages eight and four. Norwood is also a breast cancer survivor, who was diagnosed with the illness two years ago at age 34.

Norwood explained, "I found a lump myself and I went to the doctor and I had a mammogram and an ultrasound and I was told that nothing showed up and to wait six months."

But Norwood did not wait six months, she had an inner feeling something was wrong and six weeks later she had a biopsy that determined her cancer. "And I really think that was God telling me to have it checked," said Norwood.

Upon learning she had cancer, Norwood's initial reaction was a fear of dying and leaving behind her family. "And that is all I could think about right then was I'm not going to make it. And I'll never forget that I had someone at my church tell me, you know I'm an 18 year survivor. And I said wow, I can do this," said Norwood.

From that moment on Norwood vowed to beat the disease and she did. After an operation and six months of chemotherapy, Norwood was declared cancer free. Although, she did deal with the struggles cancer patients face like losing her hair.

Norwood explained, "That bothered me a lot and I've learned that is one of the things that is not important in life is your hair. And it's just hair and it does grow back."

Currently Norwood is busily preparing for Friday's Relay for Life in Jones County. That event raises money for research and cancer patient support services.

Her message is to pay attention to your health instincts and have any concerns checked out. Norwood said there is life after cancer.

If you would like to participate in Relay for Life, Jones County's is happening Friday night at the Laurel Sportsplex. A survivor ceremony takes place at six PM, with opening ceremonies scheduled for seven.

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