15-month-old dies, mother and uncle suspects in investigation

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM)-   A 15-month-old child is dead and the baby's mother and uncle are suspects in the investigation of her death.

Columbia Police are investigating the death of the little girl who died as a result of multiple blunt force trauma to the head. An investigator says authorities first got the call, on the morning of April 19th, that the child was unresponsive in a neighbors apartment on Hendricks Street in Columbia.

Authorities say when they arrived the child was dead. Police say the baby was being watched by the child's uncle and girlfriend who lives next door. Now, Chris Brumfield, Investigator with the Columbia Police Department says because they don't know if the trauma was caused by the mother or the couple, all three are suspects in this investigation.

"The child was hit several times. Approximately, five times in all areas of the head. The front, the back and one in the right eye region. It appeared that the brain swelled, which would have taken a little time for that to happen according to the pathologist. So, he estimated the time of death around midnight," said Brumfield.

Neighbors say the mother, uncle and girlfriend lived at the apartment complex, but fled shortly after the incident. Authorities are searching for their whereabouts.

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