Lamar County woman claiming to have found abandoned child changes story

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A 21 woman from Lamar County claiming to have discovered an abandoned baby now says the baby is her own.

The mother of a newborn claimed to have found it in the bushes of a Hattiesburg apartment complex Monday night and took it to Wesley Medical Center. Sergeant Alan Murray of the Hattiesburg Police Department said the unidentified woman told them she was spooked by the line of questioning she received at the hospital and that's why she made up the story.

Murray says she wanted to give up the child because she was a afraid she couldn't take care of it and she wanted to give it a better life.

As of now no charges will be brought against the woman.

"There's a possibility something could be filed against her, but at this time we're not looking at it," said Murray. "However, we urge anyone who has questions or anything they need to know about dropping of a baby, they can, it's not against the law. If someone cannot take care of a child they should check with their local hospital to find out what the procedures are."

The baby was examined at the hospital and found to be healthy. He is now in the hands of The Department of Human Services.

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