A South Mississippi singer auditions for NBC's "The Voice"

BILOXI, MS (WDAM) - Sera Buras of Kiln, Mississippi  has quite a voice.

Buras, a singer and song writer showcased her musical talents in Los Angeles to audition for NBC's latest show "The Voice."

"Basically, a friend in the music business called me and said, "Sera, you got to go and just try out. I don't think it can help or hurt you either way. It could be an amazing opportunity to have that platform you have been looking for as an artist." So, I went and auditioned in L. A. , and it was pretty awesome. It is kind of top secret. So, I am not allowed to talk about all the specifics and details," said Buras.

Buras remains optimistic about the audition and hopes this show leads to real exposure.

"I have some success in songwriting as an artist, but never really had that audience yet to see me do what I do live. So, I was a bit scared," said Buras.

Buras says singing is in her blood no matter what the outcome of her future with the voice.

"I really had no choice.  I was kind of born into it. My mom and Dad both are musicians, and they literally met playing music in New Orleans," said Buras.

She  says whether her dreams of real stardom begins because of "The Voice", she hopes to get her music out there to the locals.

"I just want everybody's support, and I am going to be doing a lot of shows in the next few weeks while this is happening. So,  I would love for people to come out and check me out. I am going to have everything out there for people to find." said Buras.

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