A three year-old survives a pit bull attack

TYLERTOWN, MS (WDAM) - A three year-old Marion County girl is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a pack of pit bulls on Tuesday.

Lashanda Ard said, her three year-old daughter Alana Ard was attacked by five pit bulls at a family friend's home in Tylertown.

Ard said, " When we pulled up to the house, I saw the five dogs in the yard but they were calm."

Ard said, the children got out of the truck and rode around on a four wheeler.

She said, as her daughter was coming back to the truck the three little puppies got behind her.

Ard said "I don't know if they were trying to play with her or if they bit her or what.  The two bigger dogs, I mean they attacked her.  She almost got in the truck but the big dog jumped up and grabbed her by her pants and dragged and got her on the ground an they all just attack her."

Ard said, she's afraid of dogs so she began screaming and blowing her horn to scare the dogs away.

"At that point all I could do was pray. I did manage to get my hands on her feet to pull her up because I was seating my Expedition and the big dog had a grip on her head." Ard added, "It was like the more I pulled, the more he pulled her head."

Once free, Alana was rushed to Walthall General Hospital where she received 17 staples, 18 stitches and glue applied to several lesions.

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