DAMMAD kicks off statewide push to put drug dealers behind bars

COVINGTON COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Dads and Moms Against Drug Dealers are kicking off a statewide campaign to put Mississippi drug dealers behind bars.

Founder and president of the organization, Steven Steiner said, community involvement and a solid relationship with law enforcement agencies is the way to get those who deal drugs off the streets.

"We are building a coalition between the community and our organization," said Steiner. "We want to be the buffer between law enforcement and the community, so they can feel safe, and without retribution leave tips on our website."

Covington County Sheriff Ben Ford has agreed to join the effort, by promoting community involvement at a press conference at the sheriff's office, on Wednesday, April 20.

Sheriff Ford, announced his departments plan to provide concerned citizens a safe and anonymous way to give law enforcement tips on drug dealers in the area.

"People are in the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Police officers are limited on the amount of time they can spend in a particular community, especially smaller departments like us. We have to rely heavily upon concerned citizens tips."

"Folk's out there believe one drug dealer doesn't mean anything," said Steiner, "but if you look at a drug dealer at the top of a pyramid scheme, everybody underneath is effected by it. So, one drug dealer effects a lot of paths. unfortunately, I can't tell you who we are saving, but we are saving a lot of people with every arrest.

To date, DAMMAD has received 3,500 tips, which have led to 97 arrests and 49 convictions.

To leave an anonymous tip log onto http://www.dammad.org/ or call: 1-800-656-5241

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