Leakesville residents tell their survival stories

LEAKESVILLE, MS (WDAM)- When you first come into Leakesville the damage is massive. When you look at the beaten and battered homes you get a picture of just how powerful Fridays storm system was.

Grady Carden, a volunteer with the Red Cross, says this community center has been available for shelter for about 50 families that were displaced.

"We are serving, right now I think it is about 60 or 70 meals a day out on the road, and probably 30 or 40 inside," said Carden.

Even though the people are now receiving help from the Red Cross, MEMA and FEMA one resident says there are trees, homes and the loss of a life that serve as a reminder of the vicious storm.

"I saw it coming. It was just bouncing and skipping. I knew it was going to be bad. I just hit the floor and held on, just hoping I was not going to die. Hoping it wouldn't suck me out. It was an experience I would never forget," said the Resident.

Never forgetting will be the case for many people who have lost their entire home.

Cheryl Johnson she lost the house her father grew up in, but thankful for her family being alive.

"Everything in the house was moving. When the house went up in the air I felt that, and I felt it when it came back down. I am just so thankful. I can't say how thankful I am to be able to be standing here today, and only have a scratch on my forehead," said Johnson.

So, its with grief of loss of  homes and thankfulness that residents here in Leakesville pick up the pieces and rebuild.

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