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WDAM Viewpoint- Budget Blues

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April 15, 2011

There has been no shortage of coverage this week about the so-called budget compromise between the Democrats and Republicans.  There was no shortage of vitriol preceding the passage…and no shortage of sanctimonious self-congratulatory back patting afterward.  We were told that 38-Billion in cuts had been agreed upon.  The Republicans initially wanted 100-Billion but were afraid of seeing the government shut down and settled for the lesser amount.  Now some pundits are saying the real net cuts don't even amount to 1-Billion dollars.  Amongst all the pontificating and bloviating who really knows?  I don't.  I do know that our national debt is in the Trillions and, even though I am a proud graduate of USM, I can't count that high.  I do know one thing…every time we should a Hell Fire Missile at some of Kaddafi's troops it cost a million and a half dollars.  So far our supporting role in that civil conflict had cost a small fortune and we are still maintaining troops in Iraq and waging war in Afghanistan. 

In simple terms…this country is broke.  We owe more money than we can count…and there aren't enough rich people in this country to soak hard enough to get us out…so don't think tax increases aren't coming everybody's way.  Even Super Powers have their limits and we can't afford to keep spending trillions to re-make the world over in our image.  Nor do we want to remake ourselves over in the image of European socialism.  Our politicians have spent like drunken sailors on leave and stuck us with the tab.  I don't know what to do about it…but it hacks me off.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's all I have time for today…let us hear from you.