WDAM Viewpoint- Bullying in schools

April 13, 2011

Seven on your side has done a number of editorials and series on the problem of bullying in our school systems.  Not surprisingly we continue to get reports from all over our viewing area about instances of bullying.

One student may bully a number of others, or it maybe a group picking on just one person…it comes in different forms.  Bullying has also been around since Cain and Abel.  Recent studies have shown that…contrary to the old conventional wisdom that says all bullies are insecure cowards…Those who seek to dominate others are often quite confident in their power to do so.

Being the victim of a bully can make a person's life miserable and can leave scars that last a lifetime.  now there is even on-line bullying.  We've seen young people go so far as to take their own lives because of things said about them over the internet.  It is cruel and despicable behavior.

While we doubt we'll influence any bullies to change their ways with what we're saying here…we would encourage the victims to make their plight known to parents, teachers or someone in authority who can help put a stop to it.  We urge teachers and administrators to take the problem seriously—as we assume you do.  You are on the front lines and probably know more about it than most.  All we can say is continue to keep your eyes, ears and hearts open to this problem.   Everyone can work together to minimize this terrorizing of our youth.  I'm Jim Cameron with today's viewpoint.   Let us hear from you.