Moselle man could be victim of sweepstakes scam

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - Moselle resident, Tommy Flynt has been doing mail in sweepstakes for 20 years, and says he got a call he wasn't expecting from the American Sweepstakes Network, about a month ago.

He said they told him,"I'd won second place, a little over $500,000."

But, Tommy's a smart guy, so he had his doubts, thinking he might be getting duped. The calls started coming in this week from the alleged 'agent' he'd been assigned, from a company called the 'Lords of London' offering insurance to be sure he'd receive his check. When he refused to pay over $4,000 out of pocket, he was still told he'd receive the money, and to be at his residence for the delivery two days later between 9 and 11 am. That morning, Tommy was excited, but still skeptical...when the phone rang again.

The alleged attorney said the check delivery had been postponed because he hadn't paid to insure it yet, and gave Flynt a number to call about the case--to the alleged American Sweepstakes Headquarters. He spoke with a woman by the name of "Nancy Logan", who congratulated him on his winnings of $425,000. Then, told him to call his 'agent' to send the insurance money to receive the check. The woman on the phone started to sound legitimate, and Tommy said, "It's for real." Almost falling for it, and forking over $4,250 in "insurance" money.

He said, "Maybe if I call and do it with a credit card, and go ahead and pay for the insurance and get it, maybe they'll deliver it on, if not, then maybe within 24 hours. I've got to go to the bank."

It was then suggested he speak to a lawyer or the Attorney General, who then sent a statement that said, "We get these calls 5-10 times a day. It is a scam."

So after having taken the morning off, thinking he was going to strike it rich, Tommy went back to work, and as far as we know, hasn't paid anything to the so-called sweepstakes company, nor has he given them any important information.

He said, "They don't have none of my bank account numbers or my credit card numbers or nothing."

Thank goodness.

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