USM President Martha Saunders hosts University town hall meeting

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)-The University of Southern Mississippi's President Dr. Martha Saunders brought good news to the annual Spring Town Hall Meeting on campus Tuesday.

Saunders, gave faculty and students an update on administrative affairs, where the University is, as far as new building projects on the Hattiesburg and Gulf Coast campus, and the state of the budget.

Saunders was pleased to announce, 27 of the 29 tenure track faculty members who had been issued terminal year contracts, have now had their termination rescinded. As for the other two faculty members, they will remain employed, just in a different department.


"We had recommended program closures, we had appeals, some were upheld, some were not, the Dean's found some alternative solutions to closing some of the programs. It took a year, as we knew it would, but I think that the results have been very positive and very thoughtful."

Dr. Saunders also announced, a new task force called The Responsibility Centered Management Project, which is a different way of budgeting the Universities resources. Something USM has been looking into for several years.


"This is a way of budgeting that we have been looking at for several years. It is a long term change in the way we have budgeted our resources before, but we think the time is right to start looking at where we are putting our resources and are we putting them in places that match the Institutions goals."

Saunders maintains, student retention is the number one priority on campus, she also said, there is a little more scholarship money to go around this year.

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