Gas Prices have motorists feeling the pinch

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - With the national price of gas constantly on the rise, drivers are already feeling the pinch. And the latest increase, a national average of 0.11/gallon, has people starting to worry about where things are headed. Some are already being forced to cut back on not only their budgets, but in their driving, even for short trips. We spoke with two motorists in petal who were putting gas in, but not even filling up, due to the pain at the pump.

Stephanie Clark, a mother, said, "Gas prices are outrageous and it scares me. My children, I usually take to school, just right down the road, but gas prices are so bad they're gonna have to ride the school bus because it's just costing me way too much money every week."

Marlee Montague, who already works full time, said, "I've had to cut way back on my spending, like to go to the movies, everything. Like, sometimes, I can't even go out with my friends because I can't put gas in my car."

Some predictions are speculating that gas could reach $5/gallon by Memorial Day. The national average is 3.79 per gallon, almost a dollar more than the average on this day last year. Locally,the average cost of regular unleaded is around 3.65 per gallon.

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