Lumberton police chief says crime is on the rise

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - Lumberton Police Chief Ardian Fortenberry said Monday crime in Lumberton is on the rise.

He said there has been nearly a dozen burglaries in the last two weeks.

Fortenberry said, "I will not tolerate crime in this town, enough is enough. "

Over the last month there have been multiple fights, dozens of home burglaries and several shootings.

"During the summer months the crime rates go up as far as the fights," Fortenberry said. "We have a lot of fights here amongst the people of Lumberton, and it normally picks up when school gets out."

He said the crime rate is especially troubling because school is still in. Fortenberry believes many of the crimes are due to a rocky economy; people are without jobs, which leads to an increase in burglaries, he says.

Fortenberry added, "I actually just added two additional police officers to the city. We are working on trying to possible add one or two more to try and have more patrol out to cut down on the burglaries. "

Fortenberry said he advised the elderly people to keep an eye out on each other's home, and as for those who are shooting and fighting, if an officer is called to the scene, everyone involved will be arrested.

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