Laurel Man charged with arson

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - A Laurel man is behind bars charged with 6 counts of arson.

Devon Markell Arrington was arrested after Laurel Police received a tip that he was involved in fires at six or more vacant homes in North East Laurel dating back to November 2010.

Police say Arrington and possibly others would set fire to the homes and then go back after the fire department put them out and steal the copper and iron in the home to sell for scrap.

"Some people are out a lot of money, but there area also a couple of firemen who were hurt fighting these fires.  That was really worthless," said Kevin Flynn, Laurel Police Investigator. For the amount of money that people got out of these homes whenever they burned them and took it to the scrap yard was very little compared to the loss of property. A firemen could have lost a life fighting them.

Laurel Police say more people are being questioned in the fire and more arrests are possible.

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