The CDC warns parents to protect kids from ingesting chemicals

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)- Every parent wants to protect their children from harm, but sometimes in the blink of an eye, infants and young kids can ingest liquids and medications at toxic levels.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids.

Young kids are known to chew and swallow just about anything they can get their hands on,including liquids or medications.

A study on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, indicates children five years and younger have the highest rate of unintentional poisoning.

Forrest General Emergency Room Physician and General Practitioner, Dr. Gerard Germain said, "we do see a lot of kids who choke because of foreign bodies in their mouth and throat and because of ingesting medications that were not intended for them."

Germain said, the ER treats at least one to two kids a week.

"The kids that are really more at risk are the ones that don't understand and will put anything in their mouth."

It's not just chemicals in your home marked with clear warning labels that can be dangerous to children. Everyday items in your home, such as household cleaners and medicines, can be poisonous as well.

"Clorox and other things that we use daily to clean, they are under the sink and the door is not locked. Kids go in, and that's how they get in trouble."

Not only in trouble with Mom, but the effects on the inner body can cause the child trouble too.

"People can get burned from their throat to their stomach from cleaning products, so it is very important to call for help as soon as possible."

Germain also said, in the event your child does need medical attention, always bring the product they swallowed with you to the emergency room so Doctor's can see exactly what it's made of. Even medicines like Tylenol or Aspirin, they too can be a health hazard even though you wouldn't think so.

"They can destroy the lining of the gut and that can be an issue also, because if there is some damage to the lining, obviously, absorption is going to be difficult and that is a potential for major problems later on."

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