Jones county storm survivors describe their experience

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -  Pieces of Charles Cox home pierce the ground as a reminder of Monday night's damaging storm.

"Never been through anything like this," said Cox

Cox says he was sleeping until he felt his entire home shake.

"All of a sudden I felt my trailer pick up a couple of inches, and then slam down. It scared me. I jumped out of bed, and went to the front door to see what was going. Then, I saw my roof, my tin roof fly just right off," said Cox.

Cox then witness the damage to his neighbors home.

"The neighbors have a porch, or had a porch on their trailer and it was up off the ground, and slammed down. It just completely demolished it," said Cox.

Cox painted a clear picture of what happened next.

"I heard a whistle like a train blow, and realized that there was an actually tornado over my head," said Cox.

Fearful of what else was coming, Cox said he and is family took shelter in a closet until the storm passed. Now cox says he is relieved no one got hurt," said Cox.

Another Jones County family also suffered the wrath of Monday's dangerous weather.

"We sat down to get supper and heard the wind pick up pretty good.  I went to the back door and looked. The back door swung open, and I saw what was going on. I told my wife and my little boy to get to the hall way. By the time we got there it last about three or four seconds and it was over with," said Dempsey Brady.

Brady says the worst of it came so quickly.

"I was wondering what just hit my house. A bomb or a tornado. I really didn't know," said Brady.