Work begins on the Hattiesburg sewage rehabilitation project

HATTIESBURG, MS WDAM - Phase one of the Hattiesburg sewage rehabilitation project is underway.

Phase one involves replacing the sewer lines on the east side of the city primarily in the Dabbs-Pinton neighborhoods north of William Carey. Some sewer lines in the East Jerusalem neighborhood as part of phase one.

Construction is currently underway at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Bowling Street where it will go north one block. The biggest stretch of line to be replaced will be along Arledge Street.

"Just about the entire length of Arledge Street, the line under the street is going to be replaced," said Burt Kuyrkendall, Director of Engineering for the city. "Once we replace that line we will come back in and repair the street and put in new asphalt."

Where work is in progress the streets will be closed to thru traffic. Access will be provided by the contractor for residents of the street. Also the homes on the affected streets will need to be connected to the new lines which will cause an interruption in service that could be up to a full day.

Phase two of the project involves replacement of lines in the Avenues north of Clover Leaf Mall with the bulk of being done north of 7th Avenue near Grace Street. Also as part of phase two lines some lines will be replaced in the Mobile/Bouie Street area.  Bidding for that project is expected to go out in late summer with work to start shortly after.

Phase three will also be bid in the summer. That project calls for increasing the size of the north lagoon. Currently the project is under review by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and once the approval comes the bid process will begin.

The project calls for the expansion of the north lagoon, doubling its size from 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 gallons.

"That's an important project because everything that develops on the west side of town on Highway 98 goes to the lagoon and were at full capacity," said Kuyrkendall. "It's a big need to increase the capacity to accommodate on the western side of town.

Funding for the 5.5 million dollar project is coming from a grant from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

"It's a 75%-25% matching grant with the bulk of project being paid for by the grant and 25% by the city," said Kuyrkendall.

Completion of all three phases of the project is expected  towards the end of the summer in 2012.

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