Lamar County Supervisors discuss redistricting with residents

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM)- Lamar County Supervisors were met with local opinions Monday, on how the county should move forward with the redistricting process.

The public meeting wasn't quite ask packed as expected, but there were half a dozen residents offering suggestions and voicing concerns on how the board will re-draw lines.

Based on 2010 Census numbers, District 2 Supervisor Ben Winston will gain the most residents. Winston approached the rest of the board with the idea of creating a major-minority district, but the other four members don't see how that's possible, based upon the Census numbers.

Winston said, he is also worried that once new lines are drawn, District 2 will be spread out so wide because of the growth in the Oak Grove area, he feels that may negatively impact the residents in the Southern part of District 2.

"With the additional 1435 people, that would probably put of district two's population in that area. So,that is one of my greatest concerns because I feel as though, the area will continue to deteriorate once there is no longer someone from the Southern portion of the district representing the area. We need a lot of help in our area."

The county will have two more public meetings on redistricting.

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