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Viewpoint - Our Reluctant Libyan Policy

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President Obama went before the American people earlier this week in a belated attempt to explain what we are doing in Libya.  His explanation for why America and its allies should confront the dictator Moammar Khadafy was, in itself, convincing but what remains unclear is the long range U.S. strategy towards Libya and the rest of that beleaguered region.  So far the President's policy seems somewhat incoherent. The uncertainty began with the rebellion in Egypt.  At first Mr. Obama demanded that President Mubarak step down---then when the outcome of the crisis became uncertain---the White House suddenly went silent.  With Libya---The President was clearly reluctant to aid the rebels until it looked like Khadafy might crush the revolt---then suddenly a change of heart and bingo American troops were in battle.  But still, and despite his Monday speech, it is not clear where we are going with Libya.  The President says that regime change is not the goal of the operation---but with American planes shooting at Khadafy tanks it certainly looks that way.  Asked if we would arm the Libyan rebels, Obama said he's not ruling it out, but he's also not ruling it in. The President sought the approval of the United Nations and not Congress before getting involved in Libya---so maybe someone at the UN can explain what American policy in that region intends to be.    I'm Jim Cameron and that's my perplexed Viewpoint…I'd like to hear what you think about the situation.  Write and let us know.