Stone County hospital provides relief for sleep disorders

STONE CO. (WDAM)- Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome, are just some of the things that millions of other Americans suffer from every night.  A sleep center in Stone County has the tools to help patients figure out the underlying problem and help them get a good nights sleep.

According to Aungelet McNeal with the Stone County Hospital Sleep Lab,  your quality of life can improve by your quality of sleep.

"If you get enough sleep, you are going to perform well, you are going to have more energy, and that is where we get quality of life."

McNeal says, there are more than 80 different kinds of sleep and waking disorders, a common one is sleep apnea.

"Sometimes you don't know you have it, it's going to be your spouse that will notice you are not breathing at night. Sleep Apnea can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, even driving accidents, because you are not getting the proper sleep, you are waking up half the night. "

Stone County Hospital Nurse Practitioner Lorain Quandt has ordered several sleep studies for patients of all ages, so she can diagnose patients by their sleep patterns.

"Many times our patients come in for a sleep study after we have tried multiple things and therapies."

A Sleep study monitors various aspects of your sleep such as respiration, brain activity, and muscle movement.

Electrodes are placed on the head and body to help technicians observe how many times you stop breathing and how long each episode occurs.

"If patients come in and have the first nights study and it shows they have sleep apnea, the Doctor will do a professional interpretation, we'll call the patient back and say we need you to come back in for a second night of monitoring called titration."

Technicians use what is called a CPAP device, which is used to control and treat sleep apnea. It allows air pressure to flow through your nose using a mask. The air pressure prevents airway collapse by helping you to breathe freely as you asleep. If it works for you, it then becomes something you do on a daily basis at home.

Quandt says, "When they start sleeping with the a CPAP they feel great, they feel rejuvenated, they often tell me I haven't slept through the whole night in years."

For more information on the Sleep Lab at Stone County Hospital call 1-800-648-6144